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Warehouse Services Inc. is a leading provider of integrated end-to-end supply chain solutions that is customer driven, responsive, cost effective, and flexible. Working as your warehousing services partner, we will develop operations that meet your critical-to-quality elements allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to be a global service provider that is customer driven, responsive, flexible, and cost effective, accomplishing this vision through employee pride and commitment.

What we can do for you

We reduce your cost through proven Six Sigma Methodology, Lean, and 5S. Our team of supply chain professionals can reduce your costs while delivering value to your bottom line. Our firm stands by this commitment, supporting it with agreements where we guarantee cost reduction to our clients or provide gain-sharing agreements where both parties benefit.

We work to increase the efficiency of your operation by benchmarking against multiple industry verticals, integrating best practices within our operation, and developing a workforce motivated to deliver your critical-to-quality elements.

We work to shorten your cycle time because we are truly a turnkey logistics provider. By bringing Distribution, Transportation, Information Technology, Light Manufacturing, and Capital to the table, our clients pay us one margin. We also can react more quickly to your customers' demands and changing market conditions. One call will provide the response you need.

We are flexible which means we can move quickly to support your initiatives and your customers.

  • Need equipment? We have it or can put it in place tomorrow.
  • Need personnel? We can provide personnel anywhere in the country within hours of your request.
  • Need a WMS, TMS, or IT Solution? We already have each implemented and ready to serve your needs.
  • Need to divest in equipment, personnel, or IT? We can help.

We can increase your storage density by using our team representing a combined hundreds of years of supply chain experience; we are your in-house consulting firm. We operate a variety of distribution centers incorporating a range of storage methodologies.

Our people - Warehouse Services Inc. is a privately held, asset-based company that recognizes our strongest asset is our people. The company continuously invests in training and rewarding our people, creating a workforce that is motivated, dedicated, and committed to providing operational excellence to our clients.

Contact for warehousing services including dedicated freightwarehousing & distributionasset management and more.

Why Warehouse Services?

  • Reduce your costs.
  • Customize solutions to match your needs and the needs of your customers.
  • Measure our deliverables and report them to our clients on a regular basis.
  • We provide turnkey solutions – you only pay us one margin.

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