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Our Commitment to the Environment

Warehouse Services Inc. demonstrates a strong commitment to protecting our environment and operating in a manner that supports the use of the earth’s resources wisely. We continually strive to launch sustainability initiatives and/or expand existing sustainability programs to support this philosophy. Protecting the earth’s resources ultimately will reduce costs and provide a world in which our children can prosper.

Read our Sustainability and Responsibility brochure for more information about our committment to preserving the earth.

Sustainability Warehouse Services Inc. Recycling Program

Recycling wooden pallets, corrugated, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and paper products provides source reduction and alleviates landfill use.

  • Wood Recycling – Recycle over 12MM tons/year: Pallets and wood components are ground into mulch and sold as Bio Fuel to power generating systems for electric companies in the US.
  • Foam Recycling – Recycle over 2MM tons/year: Cut and bale foam to be re-used in the foam market place as carpet pads, insulation or sound dampening

Warehouse Services Inc. Plastics Grinding Program

  • Coarse Grinding – Grind 10MM lbs/year: Large parts and components are ground into pieces to be extruded into pellets and reintroduced as a new component/raw material.
  • Film Grinding – Grind 5MM lbs/year: Thin film sheets into ‘flakes’ that can be extruded into pellet form for reintroduction as a new component raw material.
  • Plastic 'Blob' Grinding – Grind 2MM lbs/year – blobs of excess plastic are ground and are then re-extruded into pellets as a new component/raw material.

Responsibility Paperless focus
Scanning drivers’ paperwork and providing Web access for PODs and EDI210s are two examples of initiatives within our business to eliminate the use of paper.

Predictive maintenance programs
Predictive maintentance on all equipment.

Energy-efficient fluorescent lighting
Use of T8, T5 light systems that consume only 50% as much as sodium vapor and metal halide systems.

Continuous loops
Ensuring that transportation assets are fully loaded, minimizing the empty miles that add no value.

Pallet repair
Programs on-site to increase pallet life cycle.

Waste to energy program
Using scrap pieces of wood and mulching for an energy source in wood fired boilers.

Vendor stocking programs
Vendor stocking programs to control potential excess shipping costs.

Water coolers
Eliminate the use of foam cups and plastic bottles.

Download a case study on how Warehouse Services Inc. helped meet the environmental challenges of a global chemical manufacturer with 75 manufacturing facilities.

Why Warehouse Services?

  • Reduce your costs.
  • Customize solutions to match your needs and the needs of your customers.
  • Measure our deliverables and report them to our clients on a regular basis.
  • We provide turnkey solutions – you only pay us one margin.

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